Language Y10 Fiction Reading

Study 2 Task 1: Lauren and Tom component 1A paper

Read the questions and the text provided. Attempt each answer in turn, then look at the sample answers provided. See if you can decide which answers are not as good as yours, about as good as yours, and better than yours. Add to or re-write your answers if you find anything you have missed.

Lauren and Tom C1 passage and questions.pdf
Lauren and Tom mark scheme.pdf
Lauren and Tom student answers without marks.pdf

Study 2 Task 2: Examiner's comments

Compare your answers and the marks you gave the sample answers to the marks and comments given by the examiner.

Lauren and Tom student answers with marks.pdf

Study 2 Task 3: Lauren and Tom (Google Forms version)

Answer each of the Lauren and Tom questions in turn. The Google Forms version will make it easier to read the question and the right part of the text, especially if you are using a mobile device. Your answer will be recorded automatically after the last question. Please ignore any automatic marking - computers can't mark reading questions.