Language Y10 Non-Fiction Reading

Study 1 Task 1: Full Whaling Component 2A paper

Study the exam paper, then read the unmarked sample answers. They are provided for question 12, 14, 15 and 16. Have a go at marking them yourself and, if you think you know what the candidates could do to improve the answers, suggest how they could be better.

Whaling resource material.pdf
Whaling questions _ C19 text.pdf
Whaling Q12 sample answers unmarked.pdf
Whaling MS.pdf
Whaling Q15 sample answers unmarked.pdf
Whaling Q14 sample answers unmarked.pdf

Study 1 Task 2: Comparing your marks to the examiner's marks

Compare your marks to the marks originally given. How close are you? One mark difference either way is within tolerance. If you are further out, look at the comments to understand why.

Whaling Q15 sample answers marked.pdf
Whaling Q14 sample answers marked.pdf
Whaling Q12 sample answers marked.pdf