Language Y11 Creative Writing

Task 1 - "The Rival"

Read the two example narratives with the title, '"The Rival" to help you with ideas.

Plan and write your own narrative with the title, "The Rival."

Aim to write between 600 and 800 words.

The Rival 16 + 10.pdf
Student example The Rival (Ballet) 15+10.pdf

Task 2 - When you were pleased with yourself...

Read the example story. What advice would you give this student to help her improve? Use the mark scheme to help you.

Creative writing student mark scheme.pdf
Pleased with yourself (Wrong Results) 10+8.pdf

Task 3: "I told you it would never work"

Write a story which end with the following:

"My mother just looked at me and said, 'I told you it would never work.' I realise now she was absolutely right.