Language Y11 Fiction Reading

Task 1 - Pet Shop Fire paper and sample answers

Work through the "Pet Shop Fire" component 1A reading materials. There are unmarked sample answers and marked versions as well. Depending on how confident you are, you could try marking some of the sample answers and checking to see how you have done, look at each question in turn and have a go at answering each question, or even do it all in one go before checking your answers with the mark scheme and the marked sample answers.

Task 2 is a Google Form which allows you to read each question, read the relevant section of the text and write your answer in a convenient format. It is especially helpful if you are accessing these materials on a mobile device, tablet, or computer with a small screen.

Pet Shop Fire - passage.pdf
Pet Shop Fire - questions .pdf
Pet Shop Fire Markscheme.pdf
Pet Shop Fire annotated exemplars.pdf
Pet Shop Fire unannotated exemplars.pdf

Task 2 - Pet Shop Fire (Google Forms version)

Answer each question in turn. The Google Form will make it easier for you to read the question and read the particular section of the text it asks you about. Your answers will be stored so that you can have some feedback if this is possible. Ignore any of the automatic marking that might happen afterwards - a computer can't mark a reading answer for you.

Task 3 - Jackson and the Dog

Attempt all questions from the Jackson And The Dog component 1A paper.

Mark your own work using the mark scheme provided.

Jackson and the dog - passage and questions.pdf
Jackson and the dog - mark scheme.pdf