Language Y11 Revision

Component 1A revision - "Hamiltons"

Here is a past component 1A (fiction reading) paper. There is a mark scheme and sample answers, both marked and unmarked. Think about your priorities for revision and use these resources appropriately.

Hamiltons Resource material.pdf
Hamiltons mark scheme.pdf
Hamiltons exam paper.pdf
Hamiltons unmarked exemplars.pdf
Hamiltons marked exemplars.pdf

Component 1B - Creative Writing

Here are four sets of creative writing tasks. They come from past exam papers so give you some idea of the choices the exam paper you will be sitting will offer.

Use these titles to practise planning narratives, and have a go at writing some of them as well. Remember you are aiming for about two and a half sides of handwritten work or about 600-800 words.

Creative Writing titles set 3.pdf
Creative Writing titles set 1.pdf
Creative Writing titles set 4.pdf
Creative Writing titles set 2.pdf

Component 2A revision: "Cycling" paper

Here is a complete component 2A section. There are marked and unmarked sample answers for you to have a go at marking some work and compare your verdicts to what a senior examiner has decided. Have a go at answering each question yourself and assess your own work using the mark scheme provided.

Cycling exam paper.pdf
Cycling unannotated exemplars.pdf
Cycling mark scheme.pdf
Cycling annotated exemplars.pdf

Component 2B transactional writing - revision

Use these titles from recent (2017 onwards) exam papers to help you plan and prepare for the transactional writing part of the exam.

Use the titles to practise planning. Pay particular attention to planning enough content for 4-5 paragraphs.

You could try doing two back-to-back tasks in one hour (1h15 mins if you have extra time in the exam) handwritten in order to build your stamina.

Transactional Writing tasks set 4.pdf
Transactional Writing tasks set 2.pdf
Transactional Writing tasks set 3.pdf
Transactional Writing tasks set 1.pdf
Transactional Writing tasks set 5.pdf