English Year 7 Proof Reading


Being able to spot errors in your own work and correct them is a vital skill. Here are some activities to help you to get better at doing this.

We have divided up the types of errors made into bands. Band 1 errors are very straightforward - missing capital letters and full stops, other basic punctuation such as question marks and exclamation marks, and spellings of common words. Band 2 errors are a little trickier - for example apostrophes, knowing when a full stop is needed rather than a comma (a mistake known as ‘comma splicing’) and more complex spellings.

Here are some activities which ask you to spot errors and correct them. Each activity has a Google Slide which tells you how many errors of different types to find. Read this first. Then look at the document/slide that has the title of the activity and the word ‘errors’. See if you can spot them all - you could challenge yourself against the clock! Try ten minutes to start, then try 5 minutes. Once you think you have found and corrected them all, check your answers against the corrected version.

Band 1

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland errors.pdf
Alice in Wonderland corrected

Cuckoo Song

Cuckoo Song - test....pdf
Cuckoo Song - corrected


Dracula - Band 1
Dracula - test
Dracula - corrected

Eighteenth Emergency

The Eighteenth Emergency - Band 1
18th Emergency - test
18th Emergency - corrected

Band 1 & 2

A Bad Morning

A bad morning
18th Emergency - test
18th Emergency - corrected

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol 2 - Band 1_2
A Christmas Carol 2 - test
A Christmas Carol 2 - corrected

A Monster Calls

A Monster Calls
A monster calls errors.pdf
A monster calls corrected

Abomination 1

Abomination 1 - band 1 _ 2
B1 _ 2 Abomination - test
B1 _ 2 Abomination - answers

Abomination 2

Abomination 2

Abomination 2 - band 1 _ 2
B1 _ 2 Abomination 2 - test
B1 _ 2 Abomination 2 - answers