Literature Y10 A Christmas Carol and J&H

Study 4 Task 1 - A Christmas Carol Revision

You have access to a teaching booklet which covers all of A Christmas Carol. Work through it, answering the questions and completing the activities as you go.

OGAT A Christmas Carol Teaching Booklet.pdf

Study 4 Task 2 - A Christmas Carol revision

You have access to a booklet filled with extracts and essay titles. Remember to read the question carefully. Deal with the extract first. Find three points from the extract that are relevant to the topic of the question, and then jump out of the extract and dive into the wider text. Go back to the beginning of the text and systematically find and discuss any key event or quote which is relevant to the question. Spend around 45 minutes on this. Try to answer without your text to begin with, only using your text or bank of quotes when you get stuck.

ACC booklet 2 Extracts and essays.pdf