Literature Y11 Shakespeare

Task 1 - Shakespeare

You have access to either a Romeo and Juliet booklet or a Macbeth booklet. Work through the booklet answering the extract questions, followed by the essay questions. When you answer the extract question, remember to read the question carefully, then track the extract picking out the evidence within the extract that answers the question. Remember to zoom into the language. Spend 20 minutes on this. When you turn to the essay, remember to spend 5 minutes planning. Read the question carefully and then plan your answer remembering to find evidence from the beginning, middle and end of the entire text. Spend an additional 35 minutes answering this question.

Romeo & Juliet - Entire Play

Macbeth: Entire Play

OGAT Macbeth Booklet 2 - Extracts and Essays.pdf
OGAT Romeo and Juliet Teaching Booklet Two - Extracts and Essays

Task 2 - Test Your Knowledge (Shakespeare)

Answer the quiz on the text you have been taught. Online links to the texts are accessible below.

Macbeth Quiz.pdf
Romeo and Juliet - Quiz.pdf